Отзывы моих клиентов

Честная обратная связь от клиентов, с которыми я работал
Рукомендации от моих клиентов
  • Pavel Bulgin
    Pavel is a trusted coaching resource for our company. He has worked with a number of our high potential startups, helping them navigate the transition from a small company to an enterprise in a complex and demanding environment. Pavel’s sound and thorough methodology is complemented by his keen insight into marketing dynamics. His experience as a former Marketing Professional sets him apart from other mentors. Also, Pavel is genuinely investing in the success of his clients, and he’s maintaining relationships well after the formal engagements have concluded. I strongly value Pavel’s partnership and have the highest confidence in his ability to help other companies to grow.
  • Avital Kazanov
    Director Of International Affairs at GreenTek
    I had the pleasure of working with Pavel for over 5 years, collaborating on several projects.
    He completed six flawless projects for me since then. Pavel’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in all the projects. He is an amazing asset to anyone.
  • Yuri Shkoda
    CEO at ErudiCAT
    One of my greatest pleasures has been to work directly with Pavel. He is an excellent mentor, leader, manager, visionary, and has an excellent character plus you could learn a lot from his experience.
    He is such a charismatic leader who knows what he wants and how to get it. I've personally learned a lot from him and would definitely would love to cross paths with him again in the future.